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What do we do?

We listen and analyse the customer’s needs and we construct the commercial solution that guarantees the project’s success.

At GrupoUno CTC we provide commercial network services, mainly in the sectors of food, beverages, drugs, bazaar, cosmetics, technology, and FMCG channels, hotels, food service, catering, specialist retail, pharmacy, and parapharmacy.

We have managed to achieve a high level of specialisation in projects and profiles aimed at executing the projects requested by our customers.


Benefits for the customer

  • Sales- oriented team
  • Creation of custom projects
  • Negotiation and meeting of trade agreements at the POS
  • Decrease in stock breakage
  • Increase in product knowledge

Differential elements

  • Methodology of analysis of the point of sale and the design of custom solutions
  • Capacity for negotiation at the point of sale
  • Cutting-edge technological tools