Saturday, 23 November


What do we do?

We take on the comprehensive management anf organisation of:

  • Cleaning and conditioning romos, common áreas and kitchens
  • Special cleaning: Windows, carpeting, polishing and shining
  • Linens and laundry equipment
  • Steward, valet and wait staff

Benefits for the customer

  • Costs of service according to the real occupancy
  • Exhaustive control of operations
  • Improvement in the profitability of the business
  • Increase in efficiency through processes of continual improvement

Differential elements

Our own collective agreement

  • Selection of hours available for peaks and valleys in production
  • Salary scale based on criteria of quality and productivity
  • Creation of synergies through multiple services

Costs variabilization

  • Variable costs according to the real occupation of the hotel
  • Bonusses and penalties for quality, productivity, etc.
  • Investments made by Grupo CTC (amortisation included)

Specialits in the management of large human resources teams

  • Human resources available suited to the real needs of demand
  • Continual improvement processes
  • Promotion and training