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What do we do?

At GrupoUno CTC we provide route restocking services specifically for chains of supermarkets and specialied shops, using itinerant staff, support staff (substitution workers), and area supervisors.

Our main misión is to execute the actions hired by customers at the point of sale with the aim of increasing the turnover od products through restocking them.

We are experts who are knowledgeable abput managing POS space to get the most out of it, and so we know that:

  • Sales are more sensitive to the quality of space (level of shelves) tan to the amount of space (facing)
  • The location of products on the shelves can determine turnover, which can be referred to as the “Shelf Level Effect”
  • Products on shelves at eye-level and hand level generally have a higher level of turnover tan products in other locations. So the products with the highest profitability and a company’s own brands tend to be a these heights
  • Products that are highly attractive or that give customer loyalty are tucked in with products that are less profitable and have lower turnover.

Benefits for the customer

  • Optimisation of space dedicated to your products
  • Offering the best assortment of referenced products
  • Guaranteeing the presence of product on sales shelves
  • Improving the display and presentation of product
  • Optimised routes adjusted to real service needs
  • Restocking of products based on the presence of competition
  • Shrink-wrapping of promotional gifts with a product existing on the shelves
  • Assembly and restocking of displays in specific campaigns
  • Restocking of fresh product, coinciding with the delivery of merchandise
  • There is a culture of continual improvement of service in our DNA

Differential elements

Impact on the customer:

  • Fomenting of the memory of the brand name
  • Information about the benefits of the product
  • Promorion of special offers in effect
  • Visual perception and attractiveness of product
  • Increase in product presence and visibility
  • Reinforcing impulse purchases
  • Reinforcing the effect of advertising campaigns