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What do we do?

We manage our customers’ promotional actions to reach their sales targets.

We cannel operations with the customer through dialogue with the operational manager, who leads the departments and work teams and guarantees the execution of the service on time and in the proper manner.

We have tools that allow us to report point of sales information to our customers fot effective business management.

  • Increase in sales
  • Support of launches
  • Tasting of the product
  • Demostration and training
  • Sampling
  • Care of the Brand name and commercial space of the product

Benefits for the customer

  • Increase in sales figures during the promotion
  • Excellent image and relations with customers
  • Better display of the product
  • On-site supervision

Differential elements

  • Efficiency: service directly aimed at sales
  • We train teams indentified with the customer’s Brand name and culture
  • Personalised report for decisión-making

Where do we work?

  • Superstores, supermarkets and Cash&carry
  • Tobacconists
  • Pharmacies and parapharmacies
  • Retail specialists
  • Hospitality services