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What do we do?

We are experts in the comprehensive management of the logistics chain in our customers’ facilities or in dedicated centres.

We apply methodologies for improving processes, which we apply to our services and which support our business model with our customers: variable billing according to results.

We cover all of the activities in the logistics chain and we provide efficiency in all of its branches, from the unloading of containers to the comprehensive management of platforms. And all of this, in multiple sectors of activity.

Benefits for the customer

  • Increase in the productivity of warehouse management
  • Decrease in errors in preparing orders
  • Alignment of costs with business turnover

Differential elements

Our customers and our years of relationship with them speak for themselves.

Grupo CTC is the executive branch of the logistics strategies of many leading companies on the market.

And not only do we provide improvement in processes, but we also provide our customers with rigorous, exhaustive control of operations and permanent flexibility: “we are integrated into them.”