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What do we do?

We develop and implement effective solutions with a clear focus: aligning with the customer’s needs. The result of our integration is the creation of a common culture that seeks full commitment to our customers’ business goals.

With 66,000 m2 of cutting-edge facilities, distributed in a production plant and a reserve area for additional services and a complete and flexible fleet of machinery available to the customer, which we can use to cover all of the needs of the logistics chain.

Benefits for the customer

  • Cost variabilization (Price per package, kg, shipment, etc.)
  • Providing the necessary human and material resources.
  • Increase in productivity (up to 15%)
  • Reduction in costs (10% of the logistics costs and 15% on handling operations)
  • Reliability in the ratio of preparation of orders: 0.5 per 1000 lines shipped.

Differential elements

  • Facilities adaptable to customers’ needs
  • Application of Occupational Risks Prevention regulations
  • Centre set up for carrying out specific activities