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What do we do?

At Grupo CTC, we have over 19 years of experience in the management of transport and logistics companies.

We manage over 1,000,000 m2 of logistics platforms and transfer bays in our customers’ facilities. We have over 1,500 professionals dedicated to the management of transport platforms and logistics operators throughout the country. Our customers trust us, as is shown by the growth of our activities by more than 20% annually.

We ensure that we meet objectives at each step of the processes established. The customer benefits from greater quality, more consistent service, and greater productivity and flexibility.

Benefits for the customer

  • Cost variabilization (Price per package, kg, shipment, etc.)
  • Flexibility and a reduction in costs
  • Processes of continual improvement and increased productivity
  • Our own labour agreement
  • Increase in reliability in the preparation of orders

Differential elements

  • We have customers who have trusted in Grupo CTC for 19 years
  • 80% of our biling is variable, according to the customer’s objectives
  • A great deal of experience in the subrogation of staff
  • Absolute focus on the Occupational Risk Prevention
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